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SPRING and my favourite thing F L O W E R S - I couldn't live without them - Deborah Dicembre

Spring and my favourite thing

F L O W E R S – I couldn’t live without them

I love spring for similar reasons to autumn ; the colour….and the weather is warmer. That’s a bonus! One thing I really appreciate about living in the country is physically watching the seasons change. To have such a visual expression of nature changing colour and shape . A new set of clothes really, four times a year. ( there’s an ad campaign in there somewhere…)
Watching the seasons change seems to allow you to change . To shed old ideas, schedules or whatever’s not working anymore. And birth new one. Fresh buds and shoots.

Affirmations – are still playing a major part in my daily life. And they too change as things come to pass, and new things are needed.

Gratitude never goes out of style and is always needed.

Mental health is a hot topic these days . The #RUOK campaign has really removed the stigma of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues that play havoc with our ability and capacity to enjoy this life we’ve been given.
It really is a gift. And finding ways to unwrap and appreciate that well is, well, a lifetime’s journey. You don’t have to be an artistically creative type of person to suffer the anxiety / depression flip , but we seem to get a fair thwack of it.
For me , it comes back to the little things, the daily things. Small acts of self love each day spill on to how you are with others and how the days take shape. So, do something loving for you today. Me, I’ve decided to buy myself a bunch of fresh flowers every week. That’s one of my mood lifters. Flowers just do it for me every which way. I love them. Can’t get enough.

I started an instagram page @artistaffirmations. Check it out.
I hope it lifts your day.

Till next time , I hope to see you at a gig. Come and say g’day.




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