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In High Schools, Women’s groups and Wellness Conferences Deborah Dicembre speaks on a subject she knows well – Resilience.

What is it?  Why do you need it? When do you need it?

How do you get it?  and How do you keep it?

Over the last 5 years, speaking in various groups on the South Coast of NSW Australia, Deborah has honed her ability to deliver an important message of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

As people struggle with maintaining their mental and emotional health, their important relationships, raise a family and reach their goals, Resilience has become  a hot topic, a buzz word.

Statistics around our youth suggest that young people are struggling to find their way in the world with a genuine joy for life and the ability to keep going,  thru the hard times.

Deborah says, ‘In a word Resilience is Grit. Most people tell me ,they think it’s the ability to get back up after you’ve taken a hit. And it is.

But more importantly it is the ability to stay on track on a daily basis. How do we keep going ? How do we stay buoyant and focused day in day out. This is where a life is made. This is where we make deposits into our resilience bank account, to draw on in hard times or when we take a blow, or to draw on in no particular times, when things just go flat and we’re tempted to give up. How do we roll with the punches? Accept life on life’s terms?

We are not always going to be inspired so how do we keep going?’

Deborah has developed a strategy to build and maintain resilience  at any age and her speaking on the subject is impacting her audience.

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