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Deborah Dicembre - Love affirmations

Love and Abundance

It’s often said that love and abundance are all around us in plentiful supply. 

It’s not so much what we can do to attract them into our lives but that we work to remove the blockages in us that prevent them coming to us or prevent us receiving them . 

Abundance is all around you . And wants to make it’s way to you

Love is all around you. And wants to make it’s way to you.

All the love and abundance with your name on it, wants to make it’s way to you.

Note: I’m not talking directly about money when I say abundance , but that too.

Here are some affirmations to promote love in your life and remove the blockages you may have developed towards the abundance of love,  that is ready, willing, and able to make it’s way to you. ( Click on PDF below) 

When you see this _________ insert your name.

I __________(insert your name here )______ do not resist love.

I __________(insert your name here )______ do not resist abundance.

There is an abundance of air and water.

But if you don’t pick up the glass and drink , you’ll get thirsty, even dehydrated , possibly to the point of causing serious health problems.

Same with air –  There is an abundance of fresh air, but air does become polluted. If you’re breathing in polluted air or somehow your airways are blocked you’re gonna feel that pretty quick.

When our fundamental physical needs are not met , we know about it very quickly.

We have other needs,  that we spend a whole bunch of energy on convincing ourselves that we’re doing OK without . Or doing Ok with life threatening low levels of them. But that doesn’t work . We get resentful , full of self pity and false humility. We think we can hide our pain but it is plain to see and comes out in our tone, our actions, our thoughts the look on our face and the energy we carry.  


It turns up as depression, anxiety, pride, know it all-ness, better than / less then -ness and isolation. It turns up as high functioning addiction to alcohol , work , religion, spending , exercise, and toxic relationships . It turns up as the disease of ‘over-there’, conversations with ghosts, getting stuck in the past and hung up on other people ; comparison and what we imagine might be happening or not happening for them and to them. It turns up as critical judgement of ourselves and others. And we intellectualise all that away . 

But rest assured …. It turns up. 

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Try saying these out aloud, putting your name in the blank space. 

Record them on your voice memo app and play them back as often as you need. 

I find that daily is a good rhythm of practise for me.

I’ve also included an MP3 file of these affirmations recorded to music, that you can play on your phone or in the car. 

That’s the time I find these very effective. 

When I’m driving it’s easy to let my mind wander into unhelpful territory .

But I keep it right on track with these affirmations.

It’s not always easy and I certainly did not find it easy when I began doing this many years ago.

It takes practise.  We get accustomed to what is, for better or worse, and don’t realise there’s so much more. When the renewal and health arrive, when we lay down a heavy load or give up an old way of thinking, we all of a sudden realise what was missing all along. These are broad brush strokes and life is full of nuance but remember : dis-ease balks at investigation. If you find an affirmation particularly difficult or distasteful that’s a great opportunity right there. 

Moving Forward 

in Love






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