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Deborah Dicembre - Love affirmations

Love and Abundance

It’s often said that love and abundance are all around us in plentiful supply.  It’s not so much what we can do to attract them into our lives but that we work to remove the blockages in us that prevent them coming to us or prevent us receiving them .  Abundance is all around you […]

SPRING and my favourite thing F L O W E R S - I couldn't live without them - Deborah Dicembre

Spring and my favourite thing

F L O W E R S – I couldn’t live without them

I love spring for similar reasons to autumn ; the colour….and the weather is warmer. That’s a bonus! One thing I really appreciate about living in the country is physically watching the seasons change. To have such a visual expression of nature changing colour and shape . A new set of clothes really, four times a year. ( there’s an ad campaign in there somewhere…)

Autumn Leaves

April Autumn Season

So many reasons to love the cool change…colour for one!
ANZACS, gigs and more…
Enjoy the April Blog.

Love is in the air

Let Love Rule

The year has begun and I can’t help thinking how lucky we are in Australia to have sunshine to kick it all off! It makes me smile.
February is the month of love and love is on my mind.
I’ve been using a love affirmation to put me in a good mood and it really works!


Hey Hey! And welcome to the new website.

Very excited to finally be LIVE with all that’s happening.

Tomorrow night is one of my favourite gigs of the year, ‘Carols In The Park’.
The community of Berry gather at Apex park at 7pm to throw down a rug, sing some carols and watch our kids put on a Christmas play. It’s a great way to exhale all the busy-ness of Christmas preparation and relax before the big day. We spend about 2 months getting ready for this night and it’s an honour and a pleasure to lead it.




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